Wednesday, May 11, 2016

( ˘ ³˘) TASTY PEACH STUDIOS REVIEW PART 2 - 2.0 ( ˘ ³˘)

Hello Moll!!
Sorry for taking so long, but I'm FINALLY FREE. (until August at least)
Anyways, it's time AGAIN for another Tasty Peach Studios Review!! <3

Last time I did one, it was the week of Christmas! Needless to say, I probably didn't get too much eyes on that one. However, I'm here with another one and this time my discount code will last for TWO WEEKS!!

So without any more needless rambling, let's review! <3

I did tier two once again, which means 1 ~new metal~ necklace & 1 tee shirt! <3

Here are the stock photos:

And, Once more, the sizing chart for the shirts!

I wear a 2XL normally. These shirts are printed on American Apparel shirts, so they do run a little bit small. 

Here is the shirt fresh out of the bag!!

And here is it on!! Once again, it's a little tight on me. I got a size 1XL which is the largest this shirt comes in, but this is my favourite TPS Character!! I couldn't resist. :D

However, as you can see, this shirt is a wee bit see-thru. I'd suggest wearing a pink bra or a cami underneath. :) 

Now, if you can't tell, my lighting is PRETTY Yellow. The shirt is a very very nice pink colour, a little bit lighter and brighter than the stock photo. 

And then there's the necklace! I said it before and I'll say it again- these new metal necklaces/charms are SO MUCH BETTER than the acrylics. :)

So, once again I'm ending this post out with some suggestions on what to use that nifty code for!
^that code specifically^ (huehue)

You can now also pre-order meowchi necklaces BASED ON THE CHINESE ZODIAC!!
If you're as obessed with the zodiac as me, or just super cute cat-animals in general then these are must have fashion statements! <3

Specifically in Lavender because who doesn't want purple hair??

I hope that this post was helpful to you and I hope you enjoy the code they were so nice to give me for you guys to use!! <3 

I love you all!
Don't Forget To Stay Peculiar!! <3

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