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☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ TASTY PEACH STUDIOS REVIEW PART TWO!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Hello Moll!

How have you been doing? The semester is over for me and now I have almost an entire month to work on my blog & my youtube! I have a lot of ideas to share! :) I'm also opening a second etsy over the break, so I'm excited for that! (I'll tell you all about it once it's set up!)

Anyways, back in June I did a review on some stuff from Tasty Peach Studios. They usually have a three month waiting period in between doing reviews, but I was lucky enough to be right stuck in the middle of their transition from acrylic pieces to metal pieces. But this is also good, because I'm sure that not many people have done reviews on the new & improved items yet!

Let's get started!

This time, for tier two, they were kind enough to let me pick out one shirt & one necklace! Here are the stock photos of what I chose;

Kekitsu Fennec Fox Metal Necklace
(I chose this as a pun, to be completely honest. A very elaborate pun that comes from my nickname being Keikii)

Chirii Bunny Balloon Tee

This shirt is, in my opinion, the CUTEST shirt they have!

The package was sent out;
December 9th 2015
The Package Arrived;
December 14th, 2015

It came with a cute card for washing instructions! :D

So, here's the sizing for the shirts;

Now, I wanted the 2XL but I had to get the XL because they're sold out, thankfully it fits me! It's a little tight, but it's not uncomfortable and it doesn't show my bra line, which is really all that matters. I feel so cute wearing it!!

This shirt is so adorable! And of course, the necklace is too!!

The shirt isn't the most comfortable of materials, but it's not by any means uncomfortable or stiff at all either! :)

Now as I mentioned somewhere before I think, The reason why it took a little while to get this part of the blog packet was because they transitioned from acrylic to metal for their charms & necklaces! (Probably all of the stuff that were acrylic actually, but I digress)

I won't lie, I've been wearing this necklace since I opened up the package. It's just so cute and comfortable to wear! The chain is shorter than I thought it would be, but that just makes it easier to wear :)

This necklace seems WAY sturdier than their past charms & necklaces. In my life time, I've had four or so acrylic phone charms from TPS. Only one of them, the second one I had, broke. And that was because of me dropping my phone and it hitting the wrong angle. Those charms were pretty sturdy as well, but this one is for sure better. It's also about half the thickness of the past charms. If you run your finger over it, you can feel where the lines are as well.

They were kind enough to give me another code to let you guys use!
~use the code PeculiarlyMoll10 for 10% off until December 23rd 2015~

Tasty Peach has ALL kinds of things. While I don't have a review up for their plushies, I can tell you that they're amazing! I only own one right now, so I can't wait to own more in the future!

Click here for my Tasty Peach Studios Wig Review!

They have some goregous wigs! You can use them for Cosplay, Lolita, or just normal every day wear. A couple of people I know think their too shiny for everyday wear, but I don't think so.

Here's some of the wigs that I'm super wanting atm;

~use the code PeculiarlyMoll10 for 10% off until  ~

As you can pretty clearly see, I'm in love with their 'Milk Tea' colour! <3
Here are the wigs in order;

Curly Pigtails in 'Milk Tea'
Daisy in 'Milk Tea'
Odette in 'Milk Tea'
Fae in 'Carmine'
Fae in 'Aqua'
Bella in 'Black Chocolate'

Then of course, there's their buttons, lanyards, charms, messenger bags, and other things like that! Their lanyards & bags are really perfect for getting ready for the new year & new school semester! :)
~use the code PeculiarlyMoll10 for 10% off until December 23rd 2015~

And, the real MVP(s), their plushies!! :D
No one can resist a cute little meowchi!
So what're you waiting for? With my code you can get 10% up until December 23rd 2015! :)

I hope you guys liked this review! I absolutely love the shirt & necklace!
So let me know down below, who's your favourite Tasty Peach character!?
Mine is the Nomwhal! :3

Thanks for reading!
Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!
<3 <3 <3

All the products I reviewed today were sponsored to me by Tasty Peach Studios!
My review is still 100% Honest and Authentic!! I have purchased from them before and used previous knowledge in this review. Thank you! <3

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