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Plus Sized Lolita: Elegy JSK (and Accessory) Review! {Eat Your Heart Out} (Image Heavy)

Hello Moll!
Today, my boyfriend agreed to go on a date with me! Our place of choice was the North Market in Columbus, Oh! And there's more than one reason why we chose to go here today!

It was also to meet the ever so lovely, Miss Chubi! Aka the owner of Elegy Clothing!! 
The past couple days, I've been wearing this "coord" (I use coord loosely because the dress is too short and I dont have socks for it yet). Senpai gave me this bodyline dress a few months ago and, after losing 30 pounds (!!!) I fit into it, and have thusly been PSYCHED.

Let's get on with the review!

Ordered On:
July 11th, 2015

Received On:
September 26th, 2015

In case you aren't familiar with Elegy, it is a one-(wo)man Indie Brand and she handsews everything! You should totally check out her instagram because it's filled with cool bts posts of photos & videos of the making of a lot of the EYHO collection! I'm fairly certain she got slammed with orders for EYHO, which is *one* of the reasons why production took so long! (Not that I mind at all!) Another reason is that this dress has TWO sets of lining (or w/e) in it. As Miss Chubi said, she was basically making three dresses in one.

A brand bag!! This is going up on my wall!

The little heart dolly had a personal note as well as business cards for Elegy & the artist of the print, Rebecca M Cole! :)

I almost sped home in my eagerness to open up this dress and get it on my body (huehue), and rightfully so! This dress is SO high quality. I myself have never owned a BURANDO dress (This is my first dress!) but I KNOW that the quality is just as well or not better. Mi-chan (aka Senpai) had Dreamy Horiscope and I can say that the fabric for both dresses feels the same, soft & smooth &.....dreamy? (no pun intended????)

BUT, we'll get to the dress last! I'd like to talk about the two accessories i got first!

Eat Your Heart Out "Fresh" Headbow: $15
It's so beautiful! I was originally planning to wear it in the back of my hair (kinda like Ariel?) but It was too gorge for me to not put it on the side. and I LOVE the butcher knife charm!! (There's also butcher knife charms on the waist ties & hanging off the top chain of the dress!)

Delicacy & Decay White Eyepatch: $5
This thing was so much bigger than I was expecting it to be! Not that that's a bad thing though. I had originally planned on wearing another bow (a blood red one) but I thought the eyepatch overpowered it and I didn't want to not use cause it was so cute! The only thing that bothered me for the eyepatch was the fact that one side was slightly longer than the other and it kept covering my nose & mouth, I think I'll just have to wear it on the other eye next time I wear it and it should be fine!

(this was me not so sneakily holding the long end down cause it was super windy out, haha)

onto the dress!!

Eat Your Heart Out JSK in "Fresh": $275 (for custom sizing)

Miss Chubi makes all of her things in SEVEN sizes. SEVEN. Seven meaning 'custom' and 1 - 6 being actual pre-made sizes. And if you couldn't tell from the accessories, everything looks so professional! Look at those tags!!! And speaking of tags, there was a huge one inside of the dress that looked like this:

And then the thing that really makes you feel like a top brand made this, the sizing & brand tags:

Let's get some close ups on the wonderful print, shall we?

Now, as you can see in the last photo, there is much more fabric than poof. I think that I should've gotten the extra large petticoat, however, this IS how it looks on the website. So another problem could have just been that I didn't tighten the straps. By the way, the straps are completely...extendable? Is that the word???

As you can see in that second photo, I was COMPLETELY unaware that the strap had fallen (and I guess my boyfriend hadn't noticed either) I'm pretty sure that once my friend is able to help me tighten it it'll feel much better and look better (although, this dress already looks AMAZING.)

Now, as I mentioned in a previous post; I've lost 30 pounds. I was afraid that the dress wouldn't fit well, but it fits fine! Especially with the ever so gorgeous (and removable) waist ties tied!

And here's some ~extra~ close ups;

This lace is so soft! It's much better than the lace on the Bodyline dress I have, which is only expected as..well...that was Bodyline. >>;;

I'd like to finish off this MEGA LONG POST with some details on how I coord-ed this dress!

JSK, Eyepatch, Bow: Elegy! (ofc)
Blouse: Bunny House! (read my review on them here!)
Necklace: Hot Topic (*shudder*)
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifted

ALRIGHT SO THAT WAS A LOT OF READING! Props to you if you stuck it out! You're the best!! So, I hope this helped in some way! Thank you so so much for reading, and I will see you next time!!

Don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!
<3 <3 <3

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my own money! My review is 100% Honest and Authentic!! I was SURPRISINGLY not paid to write this, I just really really really love Elegy & Gore. Thank you! <3

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