Friday, October 16, 2015

Plus Size / Tall Lolita: Bodyline Review! (L483 Alice in Wonderland TeaParty JSK 2L & L390 Squirrel Party OP 2L)

Hello Moll!!

Well that title was a mouth-full, wasn't it? >>
Anyways, on with the post! :)

The review will be on the dresses themselves and not on bodyline, since I actually got both of these second hand!! 

My measurements for reference:
I am 5'9" / 175.26cm tall!

I'll start with L483 ^^
Bust 90-96cm
Waist 80-86cm
Back center of length 92-94cm

Coord Rundown: Blonde Wig, Bolero, Glasses, Underskirt; offbrand. JSK, Split Wig; Bodyline. Socks, Bow; Forever 21. Shoes; An*Tai*Na

So, it's pretty short! Here, I'm wearing an underskirt. However, by the time we went to take photos at the meet the underskirt had slid up and I forgot to check! I've never been so embarrassed in my life! :(

So, I have this in JSK form. There is a zipper on the side (and I actually can't zip it all the way up! Thank god for boleros?) When I first received it I couldn't get it to zip at all, now it'll go about 3/4ths of the way :) My friend Mika gave to me as she meant to get it in Lavender but got it in Black instead??? (?????lmao) It's a cute print, but the lace is pretty stiff! I'll be making a PROPER underskirt for it later, haha! ^^;; So yea, this dress is SO short! I'd suggest getting an underskirt or just skipping this print all together, to be honest. Too much underskirt will look a bit weird after all.

There is corset lacing on the front, and it is shirred! Unless you like to live on the edge like me, I'd suggest not getting this JSK if your bust is larger than....105cm??? Maybe 108? Mine is 113 and it won't zip all the way. 

Now for Squirrel Party! I've been searching relentlessly for this dress for months!

I found it on Lace Market for $25 CAD the other day and my mom ended up getting it for me! :) ($37 CAD = $25 USD. I was very happy and got starbucks with my leftover money haha) 

Length 95cm
Bust 96-106cm
Waist 86-96cm

It has a zipper under the sleeve, and it zips all the way! There's also NON-detachable waist ties and the dress is shirred! :)

It is fairly tight on my bust, but perfect on my waist! :) I will say though, the lace is VERY stiff and a bit itchy even! :( But, I do have easily irritated skin, so there's that. 

113 would be the ABSOLUTE max, I think. Although I have seen bigger girls than me wear this dress I can't imagine it's comfortable at all!! The print on this dress is SO cute, I'm very happy it fits! :)

(The print is backwards, I took this on selfie mode, haha!)

Also, because the JSK was so short on me I thought for sure I'd need an underskirt, but would you look at that, it's almost a perfect length for me! I might make the under skirt anyways because I want to practice sewing but I'm pleased with the length it is anyways.

So that's all for this post! I hope reading this helps you decide on your purchasing choices! 
Thank you so so so much for reading!
And Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!!
<3 <3 <3

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my own money! My review is 100% Honest and Authentic!! Thank you! <3


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