Friday, February 13, 2015

★ ★ Honey Color Haul??? Coloured Contact Lenses Review!! ★ ★

Hello Moll!!

Around the beginning of the year, Honey Color was having a contact sale where a bunch of contacts were 50% off! So, I got some friends together and we put in a sizable order. To get free shipping, you had to spend $80 in contacts. That was such a pain trying to get to the $80 mark, if I'm being completely honest. However, $20 shipping for a $12 pair of contacts wasn't really working out for me, so we went ahead and did $80 worth of half off contacts!

This review will only cover the contacts I got for myself!! Anyways, let's get to it!

All of the contacts I got were from the brand Super Pinky! While I do wear glasses, I didn't get prescription on the contacts because my eyes aren't too super terrible.

Contact Info:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.8 mm
Water content:  45%
Package:   1 contact lens case included

I don't have pictures of the boxes/cases, but they did come in a normal bottle. (As will be pictured on the model images) Also, because we spent $80+ we got the free contact care kit! My New Years Resolution was to wear contacts, and this kit really help with the holding stick and the tweezers, so I'm really grateful for those ^u^ Also, as always, they came with super cute animal contact cases!! Sadly, we got 4 pink pigs and then green & gold frogs. I found some old cases (Purple Hippo & Blue Elephant) that I plan to transfer my contacts into when I get more solution though :)

My eyes are a dark brown/black, so I've pieced together what my normal eyes look like, how one looks in, and then of course how they both look together. All of those images were taken with my camera! (Canon Rebel T3i) (also please ignore my jank eyeliner application, I forgot to bring it with me to touch up)

1) Super Pinky Blue

So I was pleasantly surprised how well these showed up, considering they were blue I thought they'd look the worst. 

Here's an Instagram Quality/Phone Quality pic:

(right eye)

And a Webcam / Mac Photobooth quality image:

2) Super Pinky Bright Red

These ones are DEF the brightest one. (Bright Red is no lie haha) I love these ones! I wore them to school today for Valentines day <3



3) Super Pinky Green

I was under the assumption green would show up the best, but it actually shows up the worst, which is disappointing. But, in the right lighting, you can still tell it's green! Which is all that matters (you know, for cosplay photoshoots and stuff haha). I put these on the other day and my Granny didn't even notice I had put them on cause they show up so dark, which is a super bummer. Hopefully I can find another green that will show up better!



4) Super Pinky Violet

The purple ones show up almost as well as the red ones, that would be, if they didn't look like,,,,almost grey?? Idk, that's weird. It could just be this specific lighting though, cause I didn't think they looked very grey before!! Haha.


(I'm sorry I can't find one right now and my eyes are a lil irritated!! I will update this later!! TToTT)


So all in all I think these contacts were super great! And it was awesome I was able to get them for half off too! But I would of course gladly pay full price for these! (Maybe not the Green ones, but that depends of course haha!)

I hope this helped anyone who was curious! Thank you for reading and Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!

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