Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nyx & Mary Kay Product Reviews & Swatches: Lip stuff & Cream Eyeshadows!

Hello Moll!!

Now I've had these Nyx items sat around for a little bit and have just now found time to do this review/swatches post. I have misplaced my pink bedsheet though, so bare with me for my photos today! haha! :)
I ordered a few Mary Kay items as well, and instead of making a new post I've decided to just make one post! :)

First up: Nyx.

I have four Nyx products today. 
I went to Ulta and picked these up (as I usually do with my Nyx products), intentionally to get some lip liners. Either my local Ulta is awful with restocking or Nyx is awful with sending product, (as this was long before these crazy snow blizzards), cause every lip liner was gone just about. I ended up getting one lip liner. While I was there, I thought to myself, "This was a twenty minute drive and I can't feel right about wasting all this gas." 

Also, there was a bogo 50% off sale happening, so that helped persuade me a bit. I looked at the 'simplyvamp' lip colours I had been eyeing and got one of those, I got a white eyeliner (ELF's pencil one isn't doing it for me, sorry), and then I saw the 'pump it up lip plumpers' and I was like "omfg this is a total scam. I'm gonna get one." I appreciate the naming though, they're all named after movie stars with huge lips. Now onto the products!!

First up, the lipliner.
This time, I got 'auburn'

I got it for the brown shade (as I majorly lack those) but this looks more red. Not that I'm complaining, I love my deep reds.

That brings us to the next product, the simplyvamp. I stood there and debated for a really long time wether to get purple or red (because I only had $20!! TToTT) I ended up going with a purple, 02 Temptress. When I opened it after I got home, I learned that it was broken! I did some searching and there was one woman who ordered all 21 of the 'simply's (red, pink, and vamp) and NINETEEN of them had come broken!! Super bummer :( It's a bit hard to use, but I suppose it's not life destroying. However, whenever you smack your lips together, the colour will leave and reveal your natural lip underneath. All in all, I'm not sure if this was worth the $7 I paid for it. It's a really nice colour though! *also the application is super messy, it bleeds, and it smudges super easily.

While I don't often wear lipgloss (I hate how sticky it usually is!) when I do, I use clear so that I can wear it over lipsticks. That being said, the Pump It Up I got was 03 Liv. While I figured there'd be something to pull the blood to the lips (to plump them) I didn't think it would burn as much as this product does. It nearly makes my lips numb after what feels like a century of burning. Also, as I suspected, this doesn't work. It didn't work on my friend either, so I'm gonna assume this won't work on anybody. It does make your lips super shiney though, and while I've been looking for a while for a gloss that will do that, I don't know how often I'd be keen on using this. (layered over the lip pencil from earlier)

DIS EYELINER THOUGH. This eyeliner is literally perfect and amazing and awesome. It shows up awesomely in my waterline, and I've also found out that I can use it to cover eyebrows!! (Blog post on that will come sometime in the future!!)

Mary Kay!!

Now I have a few. cough. 4 cream eyeshadows, and one new lip colour & a whipped eyeshadow from the spring 2015 collection!!

Here are the eyeshadows (obviously I used some eye primer first!)
from bottom to top/left to right:
Metallic Taupe, Pale Blush, Coastal Blue, Violet Storm, Tiki Hut*

*Whipped Eyeshadow

I absolutely love these!! They glide on so easily and are super pigmented!! <3 

Lastly, the Mary Kay Lacquered Lip Shine!
I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this colour!! <3 <3

Remember, if you don't have a consultant already you're welcome to order Mary Kay from me!! (As long as you're in America!) Feel free to message me at :D

I hope this post was helpful! And Don't Forget to stay peculiar!!

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