Hello Moll!!

My name is Rian. I'm 18 years old and currently attending college in Kettering, Ohio! My school is called School of Advertising Art, I'm studying illustration, marketing, video, photography, business, and graphic design here!!

Along with that, I'm the owner of four and a half businesses (I'm a Mary Kay sales consultant & I also own BubblePop ArtShoppe! As for the third, I'm a freelance artist!) And then obviously, I blog and do youtube!

I'm a very passionate artist, singer, blogger, and fashionista. I'm slowly building my closet up to reflect my style. What's that? Well, I kind of like a little bit of everything. What I want to focus my closet on the most though are pieces of Lolita, Asian Fashion, and Vintage (20s & 40s) Dresses.

I have an addiction to shopping and creating. My heart yearns to travel.

Feel free to ask me about any other questions you may have! :)
Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!!

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