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#365LolitaLifestyleChallenge | Introduction & Week 1!

Hey Moll!
I hope you're doing well! :)

I started school back at SAA last monday, and next monday I start at Sinclair again! I'll be doing both schools at once for a total of 19 credit hours! Wish me luck, haha!

ANYWAYS, you should all know that I recently got into the Lolita fashion culture, and am trying to transform my life (that sounded cheesey af haha) into a super kawaii & healthier lifestyle. Therefore, I decided to take up this challenge when I saw it shared in one of the facebook groups i'm in! (The Ohio EGL for those who are curious)

The challenge was made by Lace a la Mode, and they will be releasing each day on it's day (if that makes sense, haha!) Rather than making one very short post a day, I'll be making one moderately short post a week! Here is how the challenge is described in her own words;

Let's get on with it! <3 <3

The goal that I set for myself for day one is simple, I'd like to get at *least* 5 new main pieces this year! I'm trying to decide weither or not to count Mermaid's Castle, cause I reserved it in December but am getting it at the end of January, let me know what you think down below!

So far, I have Eat Your Heart Out, Alice in Wonderland's TeaParty, & Squirrel Party. I'm waiting on Mermaid's Castle. By the end of the year, I'd like to be at 8 or more main pieces. I am nearly swimming in cardigans and have two blouses, so I think the real focus of 2015 should be Main Pieces. :)

I'll be honest, this wasn't a challenge I was expecting. And this is only day 2, I'm excited to see the rest of the year's challenges!! haha

I live in the Dayton, OH area, and there's not much to do here so I'm just gonna go off of a top 10 list and tell you the ones I'd consider fitting for a meetup.

1) Air Force Museum -
I've been here way more times than I can count, and I love it a lot! It's how my dad & I bonded, he loves planes and I love looking at the WWII and Disney exhibits, haha! There's free admission, exhibits about aliens, a theater, a cafe, and even a rumor that Aliens are being hidden in the closed off wing. (I'd believe it, this IS run by the government/military after all)

2) Carillon Historical Park -
I've been here a couple times, It's nothing too exciting but it's a good place for a picnic! It's basically an 'olde town' that is kept up with to serve as a tourist point. I *think* all the buildings are from around the time of the civil war but I'm not 100% sure.

3) Dayton Art Institute -
I've been here a few times as well, it's really fun! (Says the art major) There's also a super cute cafe. Mika and I went last year, before I had any lolita. So she wore it but I didn't get to, haha. I'd go here again with her now that I have stuff to wear too! :)

So the rest of the places on this list aren't anything too exciting (or really even things I've even heard of) SO I GUESS THIS CONCLUDES DAY 2 :)

Okay so, Mika doesn't have a wishlist but I know what she generally likes, so when something gets posted in the Lolita Updates FB group I tag her in it!

Tiffy DOES have a wishlist, so I guess that's what I get to memorize. I think I'll be good with pointing out every berry print AP makes (i joke, kind of).
I don't know what else to put here so I'll shamelessly plug Tiffy's blog, which is also a Plus Sized Lolita blog! :)

She's a really cool person & really fun to talk to! She's also been my lifesaver in the Lolita community by teaching me things and showing me all the deals, lol!

For added...adding-ness (lmao) here's a pic of us at our Comm's Harry Potter meet last October! :)

Okay so I technically cheated for Day 4, cause I'm just gonna use the hairstyle I learned a week or two ago.
Sailor Moon Buns! (or buns in general really)
I wear them as often as I can because I love them!!

This one's a little cheat-y too, cause I already have a new book I want to read, I just can never ever find it. It's called Ellinor & Park, and it's always recommended to me when I tell people that I love John Green books! Haha

Your pleasant may be different from mine. I don't know about you, but I'm changing my alarms to Kyary songs, haha! (I'm one of *those* people who has to have like 6 alarms to wake up.)

-Okay so I THOUGHT I'd be able to change each alarm but it seems I can't :(
So I just went with a PonPonPon music box version that I found on the app Zedge! :)

I've already done this!!
But for the sake of a cohesive blog post, I'll post my favourite photos here! :)

There's two tea houses I've been to in Dayton (both with Mika, of course). Sadly, they both close at like 5 so we haven't been able to go in months. :( One is in Oakwood and one is in Downtown Dayton, each are about a 15 or so minute drive from my house. Hopefully this semester, we'll be able to go since our schedules are more practical! :)

Today's the last day (for this week, haha!) 
Now, of course in the future there will only be 7 days and not 10, but still!

So here's my fairytale coord, and let's just call it super excitement for my first new main piece of 2016!!

-For the sake of not being on my laptop and having to borrow one that has a hard time handling my designing programs, I'll just write out this coord-

I'd like to base this fairytale coord off of The Little Mermaid.

Mermaid's Castle JSK in Light Blue from Baby PonyTail
Camelia degardo blouse in white from Bunny House
Seashell bag in Sax
An*tai*na bow shoes in Sax
Seashell leggings/tights
Rhapsody (or knock off rhapsody) in Red or Pastel Red/Pinkish
Starfish hair clip
& all Jewlery and other hairclips would be made from pearls (real or otherwise)

Maybe I'll draw this out soon, but other than that, here's this. Haha!

So there we have it! The first 9 days of the #365lolitalifestylechallenge !
If you are also doing the challenge, let me know in the comments below!
You can answer all the questions there or just link me to your own blog post as well. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Happy New Year everyone!! <3

Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!!!!
<3 <3 <3

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