Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mary Kay Eye Primer Review

Hello Moll!

Now, while I AM a Mary Kay Consultant and grew up with a Director in the household for 20 years of my life (note; I am only 18), I have surprisingly not tried every single product Mary Kay puts out there.

Today, my friend Fisch was over and happened to come into my room while I was doing my makeup. As she never wears makeup I thought it'd be fun to do hers as well! So of course, I did. The same as mine, with the same eyeshadow palette. (eyeliners were different, but that's not the point of my post today.)

When we arrived to the party we were meant to be attending, I noted to a friend (who is also a consultant) that I did Fisch's makeup and we had the same eyeshadows on. In a passing comment, she mentioned how she thought it was funny I always put makeup on her so much darker than I did on myself. I then told her that I actually didn't know why I was having that problem because I love dark makeup and had even put more layers on myself than on her. To which my friend says, "well, you know that some skin types don't accept colour as well, yea? have you tried our eye primer?" And of course, being a consultant, I knew everything eye primer did, but I had never bothered trying it due to me only thinking it would only keep your eyeshadow on for a longer amount of time. 
Boy, was I wrong!

So, throughout this post, the eye on my right/your left is the primed eye (to make it easier for comparisons.) The first eyeshadow I tested was the Mary Kay @Play Baked Eye Trio in Electric Spring, which is what I had been wearing earlier in the day.

As you can see here, the primer helped QUITE a lot! Especially with the blue!

The next I chose, was a simple Mary Kay mineral eye colour (in Denim, which has been discontinued, SORRY!!)

At first I thought "oh well that didn't help too terribly much" but then I saw the pictures (which, tbh, don't show how well it worked in real life, but still look almost as fine.) When my eyes are open, there's not much of a difference. However, when I close them, you can see how much brighter it looks and how much more it covered as well.

My next test was a (very neutral) Mary Kay Creme Eyeshadow. There is only a slight difference, but still one that is rather nice. I wish I would've had a better colour to test this with though. 

So of course, after all these successes, I HAD to try my Eyes Lips Face palette. After it losing so much of it's wonderful-ness in just two weeks, I was itching to try it now that it's been nearly a year of disappointing colours.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is about 3 layers each, but my palette!! It's been revitalized!! And I could not be happier!! :) 

So then, in conclusion:
Product : Mary Kay Eye Primer
What The Colour Is: Gloops out white, goes on clear
How Much Does It Cost: $12!
Is It Still Available: Yes!
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay consultant, and if you don't have one, then me!
Is It Worth It?: YES! It makes all your eyeshadows look so much brighter AND stay on so much longer!! :)

Thanks for reading!! And don't forget to stay peculiar!

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