Thursday, December 4, 2014

Makeup Collection Follow Along #6! | Lipstains, Lip Nectars, Liquid Lip Colours!

Hello Moll!!

This post is meant to be followed along with the video I've posted here, where I talk about a couple things. This is to tell you a little bit more about the products I feature, like how much they are and where to get them :)

FOR ALL MARY KAY PRODUCTS: If you are in the USA and don't already have a consultant, you can order through me! :) It's always free shipping and I'll throw in free gifts with big orders as well :)
You can comment here about it or email me at !

Product : Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stains
What The Colour Is: Enchanted Muave, Mulberry Forest, Red
Is It Still Available: no :(

Product : Mary Kay Liquid Lip Colours
What The Colour Is: Chocoholic, Cherry Coffee, Malted, Sherbet, Royal Plum, Raspberry Ice
Is It Still Available: This line was discontinued :(

Product : Mary Kay Lip Nectar
What The Colour Is: Passionfruit, Mango,
Is It Still Available: These were both limited edition items!

Product : Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lipgloss
What The Colour Is: Pink Diamonds
Is It Still Available: Nope!

Hope you enjoyed!! I hope you look foreward to my next follow along post! And don't forget to stay peculiar!

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