Monday, December 29, 2014

Lori Greiner Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer

Hello Moll!!

For Christmas, my mum got me this SUPER COOL MAKEUP HOLDER. However, it only arrived just today! So, I'm here to show you what it looks like and what all I put in it! :)

As you can see, the middle place's vinyl is not applied correctly, so my dad is planning to fix it later on when he gets home from work.

There was a removeable tray for lipsticks, it holds 30 at a time. I wish it would've come with two of them though!! :( I have 29 lip things in there right now, but I'll be reorganizing this once my limecrime lipsticks come in!

These are all my liquid and powder foundations (and a foundation primer)

These are my blushes, bronzing powder, and rub on perfumes.

There are four little holders here. The first one is my nyx lipliners, a brown eyeliner, and my eyeliner brush. Then waterliners and mascara, Lip and Eye crayons, and my eye, lip, and lash primers.

More lip stuff!

Eye stuff! Eyeshadow, eyeliners, and eyelash glue.

Nailpolishes and a hand cream.

Extra eye stuff. Gel liners, Covergirl eyeshadows, and a brow gel.

Aaaand, extra lip stuff! A lip palette, sunscreen chapstick, and my satin lips ^^

Hope you enjoyed this rather short post, my next one (if all goes according to plan) will be my LIME CRIME SWATCHES!!! :DDDD

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!

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