Monday, January 5, 2015


Hello Moll!!

I'm SUPER excited today!!! I ordered this all on Christmas day and it FINALLY arrived today!! I'm too excited to give a story, so let's just jump right into it! I got four unicorn lipsticks, two eyeliners, and one velvetine!

First thing's first, I cannot explain my love of the packaging ENOUGH!
Second thing, these beautiful lipsticks!!

Left to right: Babette, No She Didn't, My Beautiful Rocket, Chinchilla.
So, of course, my natural colour first.

Now on to these lipsticks!!!!


Chinchilla, which looks a lot more grey on most people but it looks purple on me! Not complaining though! :)

My Beautiful Rocket.

No She Didn't, which will make your teeth look a little bit yellow but then again, it IS a crazy colour.

And then, the one velvetine I got! Black Velvet! :) In my next order, I'd also wanna snag Wicked, Salem, and Cashmere (after lots of hard thought)

The tube has the unicorns on the top!!! TOO CUTE!!

Here it is before it dried,,,

And after!! Which, is now smudgeproof and wont come off on anything!

The two colours I got were Lunar Sea and Blue Milk.

Blue Milk! (applied HELLA sloppily >>;; ) with my No She Didn't lipstick!

And then of course Lunar Sea! :)

And here are all the swatches in one place! :)

Thanks for reading through all of my SUPER EXCITEMENT!! lol :)

Don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!!

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