Sunday, December 28, 2014

ELF/Nyx Small Haul! (And Reviews)

Hello Moll!!

I was out in search of some Nyx lippies but couldn't find ANY :( 
So instead, I grabbed some lipliners I've been meaning to get FOREVER

While out, I also got a bunch of E.L.F stuff to review!!

So for the first products, I'm going to compare the E.L.F. "Cover Everything Concealer" in the colour 'Light', with my normal every day concealer, Mary Kay Concealer in 'Ivory 2'. My left (your right) eye will be the Mary Kay, the other will be the E.L.F.

I think the E.L.F. may be a bit closer to my skin colour (before foundation when I make myself super pale at least! lol) but it's VERY CAKEY after a few minutes. But I guess if you need a cheapy concealer then it'll work just fine. I also have SUPER dark circles, so there's that. I tried the E.L.F. on my zits and it didn't cover those AT ALL. So there's that as well. 

Product: E.L.F. Cover Everything Concealer
Colour: Light
Price: $1
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart

Product: Mary Kay Concealer
Colour: Ivory 2
Price: $12
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay Consultant or from me!

So now that that's done, we can move on to all the FUN LIP COLOURS I GOT TODAY! :D Most of them are red, but bright colours are my ABSOLUTE WEAKNESS!! I'm using tons of caps this post, aren't I? lol! I'll start with all my E.L.F. stuff, and out of those I'll start with the "Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick" as I have two of those. The two I got were 'Pink Umbrellas' and 'Movie Star' (Which is apptly new!! Yay!) On the box, they say long wearing tinted lip colour. Tinted, I assume means NOT fully opaque. Long-wearing, I'll have to test another day because it is 12:30am right now. (and i'm listening to the new Fall Out Boy song American Beauty/American Psycho at FULL VOLUME. AS ONE SHOULD FOR ALL FALL OUT BOY TBH.)

First thing I notice, they're not super creamy but rather very very /slightly/ creamy. Also they smell/taste like mint and that's a bit off-putting. So here's a picture of my lips pre any colours:

here's with Pink Umbrellas:

I personally think this colour is more orangey than pink, but even though it's opaque it still shows up pretty well!! That weird minty/tingly feeling is off-putting still though.

Product: E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick
Colour: Pink Umbrellas
Price: $2
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart

here's with Movie Star:

This colour was not as red as I hoped it would be. :(

Product: E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick
Colour: Movie Star
Price: $2
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart


Product: E.L.F. EX-tra Lip Gloss
Colour: Marc
Price: $2
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart

On the package this says it is meant to moisturize. This goes on VERY goopy and I'm not sure it does very much moisturizing either. This is also not sticky which a lot of people like, but it's also SUPER DUPER shiny. Like WOW. 
After taking it off I noticed that there's also glitter in it, which I can now not get off my lips for the life of me. OTL

Product: E.L.F. Moisturizing Lip Colour
Colour: Red Carpet
Price: $2
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart

The box says it is velvety, satin (which are two different textures JUST SAYING) and that is has vibrant colour and luminous shine. While a bit hard for me to put on due to the shape of my lips, this lipstick is actually super nice!! And it is pretty vibrant! All in all, very happy with this one! It does smudge a bit easily and is hard to take off though!

Product: E.L.F. Matte Lip Colour
Colour: Rich Red
Price: $2
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart

This one also says that it is pigment rich, let's hope that's true! This one looks like a pen, which threw me a little bit off guard but luckily this colour IS super good too!! However, this looks exactly like the lipstick from before. So, take that as you will.

Product: E.L.F. Lip Stain
Colour: Crimson Crush
Price: $2
Where Can I Get It?: or Target/Walmart

THIS LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE A MAGIC MARKER. I'M A LITTLE AFRAID TO USE IT. Okay so this looks like a marker, smells like a marker, and doesnt go on very well or come off very well. (which, I suppose is good for a lip STAIN) I am not a fan. (sorry for the lack of photo, but it didnt really show up very well either)


Nyx Lip Pencils!!

Product: Nyx Lip Liner
Colour: Edge Pink, Hot Red, Natural, Prune
Price: $3.50
Where Can I Get It?: Ulta/Target/CVS/Walgreens

I love these lip liners! They don't come off on anything and they have great colour! I just wish they would go on the inner lip more easily :,(

I hope you enjoyed this post guys!!
Don't Forget To Stay Peculiar!!

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