Monday, December 15, 2014

Get Ready With Me!

Hello Moll!!

I'm still trying to cope with the fact that it'll be a little while before I can get the new memory card I need for my camera to record videos, so I decided to try and do a 'get ready with me' through a blog post. Let's see how badly this goes!

Here I am with a bare face and my hair already pinned back! The first thing you always wanna do early morning is go wash your face. Your makeup will ALWAYS look better with a clean canvas :) I'm gonna take off my glasses and put my bangs back and go straight to foundation!

This is my matte-wear liquid foundation from Mary Kay in the colour Ivory 2. (Normally I use my Very Light CC Cream, but I felt like having a pale change) This is a shade below me (Ivory 3) but I like to look SUPER PALE cause I'm weird like that? Yea. I'll put some on my face and then put it all on with the handy dandy foundation brush!


After I've done my foundation, I'll go grab my concealer and apply it in (gasp!) a triangle shape in dots under my eye. Also on the corners of my nose. And then you blend it all out! My concealer is Mary Kay Concealer in Ivory 2.

It's always SUPER important to set your creams/liquids/whatever things aren't powders. Normally I'd use my Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation, but I'm running low so I'll use my translucent setting powder (with foundation brush) instead!

After that I do my blush. Today I'm going to use my Mineral Cheek Color in Dark Cherry and my cheek brush. I like to put it all over my cheeks and then brush it over my nose and on my forehead a bit as well :)

The eyes!!
I'm gonna get out my new Profusion palette (that I ended up liking so much more than I thought I would!) and MK Crease & Color Brushes and get to work.

What I did:
I took the 5th color/2nd pink and put it all over my lid. I put the lighter purple for my crease, the light light pink for my corner, and the dark brown to smoke it out :)

Now that that's done, I'm going to use my lash primer and prime up my lashes before I do my eyeliner. For eyeliner today, I'm going to use my ELF liquid liner.

Now I'll do my mascara and my eyebrows! (not at the same time though!) I'm gonna get into my compact and get those out. :)

I decided to make a couple 'changes' so i'm gonna go back to my compact and get my White eyeshadow and my crayon eyeliner. I'm gonna use the white over the pink in my corners and with the crayon eyeliner to fill my waterline.

Lastly, Lips! I'm going to take my Lip primer and prime up my lips. I'm gonna use my Mulberry Forest glossy lip stain.

And here's the finished look!!

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!

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