Friday, March 20, 2015

★ ★ Pastel Kitty Review!! ★ ★

Hello Moll!!

I'm here today with another "clothing" review!!
This might be my last for a little while since I have to save my money for some upcoming anime conventions, but none the less, here we go!! :)

★ Remember: You can get 10% off at Pastel Kitty by using the code 'PEC10'!! ★

What I've got today is something I've been eyeing for a while (as my senpai has an 'O' shaped one),
A heart ring choker!! <3

And since they're only $6 each ($5.40 with my code), and Pastel Kitty offers free world wide shipping, I've decided to go ahead and get two of them!

So, let's go ahead:

$6 each
($5.40 with my discount code!)
And free shipping!!!

Ordered On:
February 28, 2015

(When they ship it out, an email is sent saying that if it hasn't arrived within two months to contact them. They also don't give tracking information, but you can 'purchase' your tracking information for an extra $4)

Received On:
March 20, 2015

Stock Photos:

★ Remember: You can get 10% off at Pastel Kitty by using the code 'PEC10'!! ★

My Photos:

(featuring literally the worst angle in the world)

Final Thoughts:

These look exactly like the picture. They fit snug on me on the last snap (as most chokers do), and they're super comfortable to wear. The back of the heart rings are flat (i assume to sit nice against your neck) and the tops are rounded, but not as rounded as I was expecting. That's not much of a problem though.

Shipping: 4/5 Quality: 5/5 Total: 5/5

★ Remember: You can get 10% off at Pastel Kitty by using the code 'PEC10'!! ★

Thank you for reading!! I hope it helped you out!!
Don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!!
<3 <3 <3

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my own money by using my discount code which you can find above! My review is still 100% Honest and Authentic!! Thank you! <3

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