Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NYX Wonder Sitck ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃

Hello Moll!!

Since we've last met, I've gotten SEVEN stitches in my leg!! It's awful and painful and I hate it. Also, this was the result of me being an art student and having xacto blades in my bag. (Although, my design teacher told me that if anyone asked, I should say I got attacked by a shark. *shrug*)

Anyways, now I'm here to tell you my tale of woe.

I'm copy and pasting this from where I had posted it originally, this was also last week haha :)

I live in Ohio, and thus, buy my makeups in ohio (Nyx at least). Well, I've been looking litterally EVERYWHERE for Jumbo Pencil in Milk & Wonder Stick in light. My ulta is awful with stocking things, there werent *any* lipliners when I went to look one time *rolls eyes* and when I went for my Milk pencil, there was a whole bunch in the slot! But as I looked closer, they were actually a shimmery silver-white (Cottage Cheese), so I groaned and went on with life the best that I could. 

This week, I've been visiting my mom in south carolina and I figured, why not search here? I went on Nyx's website and searched where it was sold. The first to pop up was CVS and since my mom's house is a CVS, I went there. I searched for a while before my dad got angry and just asked the employees, and she litterally said to me: "we were not the chosen one. Nyx is only in some CVS'. The one [across town] has it though!" So, defeated, we return home. The next day we decide to go to Target for clothes and I quickly went to the Nyx section. They sell wondersticks, but they were all out of all of them. Aight then.

So the next day (this morning), we go to a different CVS. CVS doesn't even sell wondersticks. I did however, find a ton of milk pencils, and since they were on sale I got three of them to avoid this drama in the future. ~ugh~ After that, we went to a dif target to look for shoes in my size and I saw that they too had wondersticks! And they had ONE LEFT!!!! It was a medium/tan, and they didn't have any more left in stock.

So then, I learned that there was an Ulta by the house and I begged my parents to take me while we were out and they did!! So I ran inside and went straight to the Nyx aisle AND THEY HAD WONDERSTICKS!!! I was so excited and I grabbed one and then I realised that it was a medium/tan in the light spot. So I groaned and asked them to look in the back and there wasn't any. I asked to buy the tester and she made this disgusted face at me. After this, her manager who had overheard us goes "we're getting a shipment in tomorow" and I almost cried because I'm leaving to go home around 8am so I get home in time for a con I'm going to this weekend.

TLDR; I bought two online.


That all being said, my Ulta order came in today!



luckily, neither of my wondersticks arrived broken, which I know is always a concern with Nyx products. One end was a bit smashed on the lid, but it didn't effect the product at all.

I used the light stuck for my face today, and blended everything out with my beauty blender.

(Light / Universal)
Note: Universal does have sparkles in it!

It's a very subtle but nice difference. The stick glides on wonderfully and it can most definitely be built up for more and more shade. I'm excited to play around with it and share my results with you guys!! :)

(Please excuse my subpar blending in some areas, still getting used to my blender haha)

I hope this helped you and you enjoyed reading it!!

Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!!

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my own money! My review is 100% Honest and Authentic!! I have purchased from them before and used previous knowledge in this review. Thank you! <3

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