Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Super Teeny Tiny Haul & ProFusion Eyeshadow Palette Review! *IMAGE HEAVY*

Hello Moll!

Now, while I try to fix up the issues with my camera's lack of ability to record properly, I've decided to make a blog post at every opportunity, as to not leave you completely alone! So I'm here today to show you a tiny haul I did today and a review! (when I say tiny, I mean TINY!)

I went to FiveBelow today on a whim looking for some things to help my Art Table display, and stumbled across a huge makeup section. Some of the products were laughable (see: 90%), but I decided why not try some out :) If I happen to get the extra money for it, I also want to do a $20 makeup challenge with makeup from there! (And maybe one from WalMart too because ELF!)

As you can see, I only got three things. (See? TINY haul!)

The first thing is nail polish remover. "Onyx Professional Remover Moisturizing Formula Lavender Salon Strength" or something like that. (that's a LOT of words.) My Granny recommended it to me and she says it's the best. I plan to use this and review it in my Jamberry Application Video I plan to make soon :)

The second is A BEAUTY BLENDER!! I'm SO EXCITED!! I've been wanting one for a while and the first one I had found was one at Sephora...for $20. This one was $3 and I'm SUPER EXCITED TO USE IT!!! Hopefully I'll have that in a video soon as well!!

Now, onto the second part of this post. The ProFusion Eyeshadow Palette in "Drama". This was $5 and I really wanted to get one to make a post on. There were some others, "Smokey" "Glitter" "Bare", but I chose this one for the colours. If this goes well, I might get the others as well. Now, looking inside of the palette, there's a tiny mirror, ten eyeshadow colours, a black eyeliner, and an eyeshadow brush sponge thing. The brushes I HATE. So I'm gonna leave for a sec and test these out and be back with pictures! (which means nothing to you because this is just a blog post that you're reading lol!)

*I could not find these on the website! I think they may be discontinued!

I'll be testing all these out on my hand and on my eyelids (with eye primer) with the brush supplied and with my normal brush as well, so let's go!
Not that bad!! It was a bit hard to put it where it needs to go but otherwise it wasn't that bad, it does however smudge VERY easily.

There it is on my eye and on my hand!

Eyeshadows: (Please note, I had on MK Eye Primer with ALL OF THESE!)

I just simply went in order of the ten shades, none of which are named as far as I know.
For further reference, MY right eye (your left) is done with the sponge brush it came with and the other is with my Mary Kay Eye Colour Brush. :)

I will never like the stupid sponge brush, but with a nice brush and some primer these colours ACTUALLY work really nicely! If you're near a fivebelow I'd def go for this! :)

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