Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey Molls!
HAPPY DECEMBER!! I hope your Novembers were amazing!! I plan on kicking my videos and my blog into full gear this month! Let's hope all goes to plan! :)

Now, I plan to go on and make a proper video later on this week, but here's a quick preview of my makeup collection!! The lighting in here is dark because my only light source is my paper lantern, which is pink. Now when I do my actual videos I have light stands and things like that, so fret not! I won't say much about anything for now, but I plan to do each 'section' of my makeup in it's own video (for the most part) because doing it all in one would be i n s a n e!! I'll also be doing swatches and comparisons! So be on the look out for those! :) Without further a do, here's some preview pictures!

These are just simple nail care products (and a pencil sharpener) that I purchased last week and haven't really gotten into yet (as you can see) I got them to easier help apply my Jamberry nails I got!! Which I'll probably make a video of me applying them and then do a review after as well, so look foreword to that!

My brush collection!! (minus my Kabuki brush, which I keep with my face things)

This is my rollup bag. Nothing can explain my love for it. Def will focus on this a bit in my upcoming Makeup Collection(s) video(s).

My eye things!! Minus the things in my compact, which I got because I couldn't fit all my eye things in the eye pouch of my roll up bag!! :(

This is my E.L.F. eyeshadow palette. I'll get WAY into this later.....

All of my lip things, which I have QUITE the addiction to or so it would seem. (and here I am hoping for some Limecrime lipsticks and lip glosses too!! eek!)

Misc hand/face things. Will go more into these in the video.

My nailpolishes!! And a handcream.

My compact. This houses most my eyeshadows along with my favourite mascara.

And just so you know, my lighting will be something like this photo below, which was taken by accident when I was trying to get my camera to record!! Lol :) 

As for these, this is my desk!! (EEEEEEEK!!) Which I plan to clean off and use as my 'recording' station, and from here on out, my photo station. So look foreward to that as well!! I swear it isn't as messy as it looks!! It's mostly just big things.

Overview/What I will be detailing on in this series of videos:

Misc/Video #1:
Roll Up Bag
Cuticle Remover Set

Eye Products/Video #2:
Eye Pencils
Eyebrow Pencils/Eyebrow Gel
Eye Makeup Remover

Eye Products/Video #3:
Eyeshadows (Mary Kay, CoverGirl, E.L.F.)
Eyeshadow Swatches/Comparing Eyeshadows

Lip Products/Video #4:
Lip Primer
Lip Sticks
Comparing Lipsticks
Lipstick Swatches

Lip Products/Video #5:
Lip Glosses
Lip Gloss Swatches

Lip Products/Video #6:
Lip Stains & Lip Nectars

Face Things/Video #7:
Mary Kay ClearProof Acne Treatment Skin Care System
Satin Lips
Firming Eye Cream
Soothing Eye Gel

Face Things/Video #8:
Day & Night Solutions
CC Cream
Liquid/Powder Foundations

Hand Things/Video #9:
Satin Hands
Hand Creams
Nail Polishes

Misc/Video #10:

With this list, I'm thinking two videos a day, today through friday :)
(Which will most likely be filmed in three goes)

I will be posting corresponding blog posts for each video, with higher quality photos of the products that will list:

What The Colour Is
How Much Does It Cost
Is It Still Available
Where Can I Get It

BONUS!!!: Here's a pic of me getting ready to film these videos :)

Stay Peculiar!!!

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