Sunday, November 30, 2014

One More Time! (For now at least)

Hello Molls!! I'm on again with another about me post. Drôle, I know. But until I've got the house to myself again I won't be doing any videos. I may, however, take some pictures of my makeup collection tonight or tomorrow. (also, this is me testing out the 'schedule' function. Let's see how that goes!)

Vital Statistics:
Me: Kelsey
Nicknames: Xim, Kay-z, KK
Birthday: 14th July 1996
Place of Birth: Franklin, OH USA
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: I own two businesses, an art shop along with being an independent Mary Kay consultant. I'm also currently attending college.
Residence: Ohio
Screen Name: PeculiarlyMoll, Xim, Ximmy, Ximmyy ???

Hair Colour: Dark Brown. I've died it black a while ago but I'm sure that's all faded by now
Hair Length: Down to my chest, but not long enough to be a mermaid yet. :(
Eye colour: Brown
Best Feature: I quite like my eyes and my hands
Height: 5ft 10"
Braces?: I've had them before and I need them again. I think i'm getting invisaline though, not too positive yet.
Glasses?: I do wear glasses actually! I just have avoided wearing them the past..oh...3 years??? cause I detest the frames.
Piercing: Ears once, they've closed together though
Tattoos: I want one, but I don't have any now
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: I'm not sure tbh
First Award: I used to be on honor roll and have perfect attendance, does that count?
First Sport You Joined: This was either Gymnastics or Dance/Jazz/Tap, don't quite remember
First Real Vacation: Disney!!!
First Concert: Monumentour ft New Politics, Paramore, and FallOut Boy. That's right, my first concert was only last July...
First Love: Kyle! 0: (in the sense of a real actual boyfriend)

Movie: Disney Movies, Marvel Movies, Perks of Being a Wallflower.....
TV Show: I enjoy American Horror Story and Gravity Falls a lot
Colours: Lime Green, Electric Blue, Bright Yellow
Song: "505" - Arctic Monkeys
Candy: I really love Kinder and Twizzlers o: also black licorice,,,
Restaurant: BD's Mongolian
Store: I don't have one, unless ModCloth counts?
School: My college!! It's AMAZING!
Book: Looking For Alaska
Magazine: I don't really read magazines, they're a bit hard for me to understand
Shoes: I've began a recent love of wedges, but I only own one pair sadly.

Feeling: Tired and sick-y
Single or Taken: Taken!! <3
Eating: nothing
Typing: This!
Online: Ofc!
Listening To: Arctic Monkeys <3
Thinking About: going to go shower in a bit, also how I'm going to comb out my hair ;o;
Wanting: LimeCrime lipsticks
Watching: the screen, but I also have TeenNick on in the background but it's muted
Wearing: My Avengers tee and my pink shorts!! So mismatched.

Want Children?: YES.
Want to be Married: Another YES.
Careers in Mind: Graphic Designer!! I want to work with Disney or Buzzfeed tbh...
Where do you want to live?: I think I'm going to move down to South Carolina after school, but New York and Paris are so very appealing....

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: I don't believe so
Had Alcohol: I've sipped, but never drank it
Smoked: Nope!
Ran Away From Home: Kindof??? I was planning to come back though. I just snuck out round 4am to go on a walk lol
Broken a bone: Nope!
Got an X-ray: Yes!! I accidentally swallowed a fork once!
Broken Someone's Heart: I don't think so??
Broke Up With Someone: Not really
Cried When Someone Died: Yes.
Cried At School: Yes. (for the same reason as above)

Do You Believe In:
God: Not really
Miracles: Yes!
Love At First sight: Yes!!<3 <3
Ghosts: Mhmm!!
Aliens: I don't see why not.
Soul Mates: Yes!!!!
Heaven: I'm not sure
Hell: Still not sure
Kissing on The First Date: Kyle and I were kissing and sleeping next to each other before our first date. Oops!!!!

Yourself: That's a tricky subject, but most of the time yes :)

Stay peculiar!!!

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