Monday, December 1, 2014

Makeup Collection Follow Along! #1: Basic Basics.

Hello Moll!!

This post is meant to be followed along with the video I've posted here, where I talk about a couple things. This is to tell you a little bit more about the products I feature, like how much they are and where to get them :)

FOR ALL MARY KAY PRODUCTS: If you are in the USA and don't already have a consultant, you can order through me! :) It's always free shipping and I'll throw in free gifts with big orders as well :)
You can comment here about it or email me at !

First up, we have the lovely lovely roll up bag!! A  C O M P L E T E lifesaver!!

Product : Mary Kay Roll Up Back (With Detachable Compartments)
What The Colour Is: Doesn't nessicarily apply to this, but black :)
How Much Does It Cost: $35!
Is It Still Available: Yes!
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay consultant, and if you don't have one, then me!
Is It Worth It?: A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!

Product : Mary Kay Brush Set & Brush Holder
What The Colour Is: Doesn't nessicarily apply to this either, but black again! :)
How Much Does It Cost: $55!
Is It Still Available: Yes!
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay consultant, and if you don't have one, then me!
Is It Worth It?: Yes! It includes two other compartments for other brushes as well!
Special Notes: The foundation brush is not included, that is $10 on it's own

Product : Nail Care Cuticle Manicure Kit
What The Colour Is: Doesn't really apply to this
How Much Does It Cost: around $8
Is It Still Available: I bought this last week, so I'm pretty sure it is
Where Can I Get It: Wal-Mart
Is It Worth It?: Personally I would say no, it was nothing I couldn't do on my own

Hope you enjoyed!! I hope you look foreward to my second follow along post! And don't forget to stay peculiar!

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