Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello Moll!!

Three posts in one day?! Am I CRAZY? 
Yes. Yes I am! Lol!

This is just going to be a collective list of videos I want to make for you guys!! (Or ones that I've filmed and need to upload!)

In the process of being uploaded: 
Videos 2-10 of Makeup Collection/Reviews

To Be Uploaded at a later date:
Get Ready With Me!! | Simple School Look / Everyday Look

To make:
**More AMVs!
My College Talk
Art Supply Collection
Jamberry Nail Application / Review
Makeup Tutorial: Mary Kay @Play Baked Eye Trio (Electric Spring)
Let's Play!: Don't Starve
Art Supply Reviews
First Impressions (Limecrime lipstick, new Mary Kay lipsticks, etc)
I Do My Boyfriend's Makeup!
Boyfriend Does My Makeup!
Mary Kay Director Box: New Products Review!
Get Ready With Me: Splicer Makeup
Get Ready With Me: Date Night!

If anyone has any other suggestions, please share them!!

Stay Peculiar!!

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