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Makeup Collection Follow Along #3! | Eyeshadows!

Hello Moll!!

This post is meant to be followed along with the video I've posted here, where I talk about a couple things. This is to tell you a little bit more about the products I feature, like how much they are and where to get them :)

FOR ALL MARY KAY PRODUCTS: If you are in the USA and don't already have a consultant, you can order through me! :) It's always free shipping and I'll throw in free gifts with big orders as well :)
You can comment here about it or email me at kelsey.ryan@marykay.com !

This entire post will be for eyeshadows!! 
(Please note, I left out some of my eyeshadows by accident and cover those in the next video on lip colours. They will still be listed on this post though. Sorry!)

This compact itself will be touched on in a later post, but we're just here for the eyeshadows right now. (I cannot wait to tell you about this compact though! I love it SO Much!!)

Product : Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colours
What The Colour Is: 
-Tray #1: White? (Unavailable now), Crystaline, Amber Blaze
-Tray #2: Sweet Cream, Pinky-Brown? (Unavailable now), Hazelnut, Gold? (Unavailable now), French Roast, Shimmery Black? (Unavailable now)
-Tray #3: Limegrass (Unavailable now), Emerald, Azure, Iris 
How Much Does It Cost: $7 each
Is It Still Available: I listed above what is and what isn't :)
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay consultant, and if you don't have one, then me!
Is It Worth It?: These eyeshadows are really wonderful!! They are super pigmented and will last all day with a primer underneath. They're also shimmery but not too much. (They also come in matte, not all of them are glittery) So yes!

Product : CoverGirl Eyeshadow
What The Colour Is: French Vanilla, Blue??
How Much Does It Cost: $4
Is It Still Available: Yes
Where Can I Get It: Any drugstore that sells CoverGirl
Is It Worth It?: I have to say NO. These are absolutely AWFUL. The pigments are sad and don't show up without a minimum of 5 or so layers. The sponge applicators are also a pain.

Product : Eyes Lips Face Studio 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette
What The Colour Is: Rainbow! Lol
How Much Does It Cost: Normally $30, usually is on sale for $15
Is It Still Available: Yes
Where Can I Get It: ELF Website (I didn't see this one in Wal-Mart), one friend also says she found hers in a Home Goods/Marshalls before.
Is It Worth It?: It is pretty cheap, and at first it was great. However, it's super caked over, clumpy, and falls out a lot now. The colours don't show up very well, and it's just not as good as when I got it. I have to say no,
Special Notes: It was wonderful when I first got it. Now? Not so much.

Product : Mary Kay @Play Baked Eye Colours
What The Colour Is: Electric Spring (Azure, Iris, Crystaline)
How Much Does It Cost: $10
Is It Still Available: Yes!
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay consultant, and if you don't have one, then me!
Is It Worth It?: I have to go with SUPER YES. This has slightly less in it than the normal little rectangles of colour do, but those are $7 each and this is $10 for all 3! Again, these are SUPER pigmented and super awesome. They're also put together like this in order to make looks together. (They ARE designed to go with the @Play eyeliners, but obviously you dont need those to use them.) Yes yes yes!

Product : Mary Kay Smoke & Shimmer Wand
What The Colour Is: Gold
Is It Still Available: No! :(

Product : Mary Kay @Play Trio
What The Colour Is: Green, Gold, Brown
Is It Still Available: No :((

Product : Hot Topic Eyeshadow
What The Colour Is: Yellow 
How Much Does It Cost: I believe it was $4
Is It Still Available: I have not seen them in a few years, so I'll have to say no!! If i'm wrong then say so in the comments!

Product : Mary Kay Cream Eyeshadow
What The Colour Is: Metallic Taupe
How Much Does It Cost: $14
Is It Still Available: Yep!
Where Can I Get It: From your Mary Kay consultant, and if you don't have one, then me!
Is It Worth It?: This eyeshadow is super creamy and really nice. It stays on forever and goes on smooth. It doesn't smudge and along with being an eyeshadow, it can also be used as a base or primer. Yes!

Hope you enjoyed!! I hope you look foreward to my next follow along post! And don't forget to stay peculiar!

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