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Continuously Edited List of Lush ||

Hey Moll!!

It's been a /while/ since I've talked to you or made a video for you, and I'm so sorry about that!! It's been a bit hectic around here though. I just finished my first year of college, just moved, just got my first speeding ticket, and I even failed my first college course. So yea, things have been quite quite hectic around here. But, I've also got my first job, which I'm super excited to start working next week!! I'll have a design internship at the library! Yay! :)

Anyways, enough of my rambling.
This post will be continuously edited to add all of the Lush products I have tried and how I feel about them. I have posted some reviews on the Lush website either under the name Rian or Xim (I can't remember!) But sometimes, a review can't be made with that kind of word count. Sometimes you just really really like something or really really don't.

So then, let's begin!


Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
I grabbed a sample of it one time at a lush, I've made it last as long as it could and now I'm saving money to get the full pot!! It feels so nice and smells even better.

New! Shampoo Bar
This shampoo bar is so so so amazing. My hair feels soooo soft and it's also grown about 3 inches in the past month and a half of me using it. It also smells super super nice.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb
Oh. My. Goodness. This bath bomb is the best one I've used so far!! It smells nice, it looks nice, and the scent lingers on your skin for a while. I also love all the flowers and stuff in it too!

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
HOOOOOLLLLLYYYY CRAP. This was amazing!! Everyone told me it was gold but it didn't look very gold to me. But about halfway through the use of it it began to change colours until it was a super bright-ass orange colour!! It was also FILLED with sparkles and the entire house smelled like oranges!! I stayed in the bathtub until the water was freezing this time, I just loved it so much.

Karma Kream
I'll be honest, I just love it because it reminds me of the Renaissance Faire, heehee ^^;


Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
While I LOVE how it made the water neon pink, I'm not sure how to feel about the rose petal like substances and also there wasn't much of a scent to it. However, the bomb itself (before usage) is beautiful!

Twilight Bath Bomb
I loved the colour and the sparkles/glitter, but there wasnt much of a scent and it didnt make any difference to my skin, i think.

Sakura Bath Bomb
While this made my skin feel AH-MAZING, it didn't turn the water any odd colours or have a scent, which was very disappointing as it was my first bath bomb experience

This is my first time using a deodorant that isn't solid, so it's a bit weird for me. I'm still not sure if it actually works or not though, also it's a bit awkward to put on. I'll keep trying it though, I did buy a small size, ha.

Lovely Jubblies
I was really excited to get this breast cream because it's meant to firm things. (So I planned on using that on my booty and my chest hahaha) but after using it as it's intended purpose for a few days, I haven't really seen a difference. However, I used it as eye cream and my dark circles are pretty much gone, so that's awesome! I'm not going to pay $25 for eye cream though, hahaha xD


American Dream Hair Conditioner
I'm not sure why, but this made my hair feel absolutely dreadful. I'm not sure if it's just how my hair is or that's how it reacted with me also using the shampoo bar, but I don't want that near my hair again in the near future.

HoneyBee Bath Bomb
There was not a strong scent to it and it made my water look like piss, which made me feel uncomfortable during my bath, haha ^^;


Hope you liked this post! Keep an eye on it for updates!! And HOPEFULLY a Lush will open up closer to me soon so I don't have to drive 1.5hrs each time I want to buy things haha.

Thank you thank you thank you for reading!!
Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!!!

<3 <3 <3

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my own money (or my mother's, haha)! My review is still 100% Honest and Authentic!! I have purchased from them before and used previous knowledge in this review. Thank you! <3

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