Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ʢᵕᴗᵕʡ SpreePicky Galaxy Seifuku Review!! (XL & 3XL) ʢᵕᴗᵕʡ (Heavy Picture Load!)

Hello Moll!!!
I've been eyeing these seifuku for a while and since bae got his tax return, we got matching ones!!!
I wanted to get the purple one, but it didn't come in plus size :( So we both have blue ones instead.

Enough of my life story, let's get on to the review! :)

Ordered On:

Delivered On:

We even got a super cute postcard!!

Our package also came with a super cute keychain as well!! How cute and thoughtful!!!!! :) *AND a tape measurer!!!

Stock Photos:

Our Photos:

(My boyfriend is in the XL, I'm in the 3XL)

Final Thoughts:

The shirt was super tight on both of us. The skirt fit perfectly snug on me but is super big on Kyle!
The printing looks ever so blurry, but that's not really anything you'd notice unless you were super super up close to it. We both really love them and plan to wear them

The skirts have two spots where the band is elastic as well as a zipper and button (neither of us needed to use the zipper & button though)

Blooper Shots!:

Shipping: 4/5 Quality: 4/5 Comfort: 4/5 Love: 39107904/5

I hope you liked reading this and I hope it helped you!! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment below!!!

Don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my (Kyle's) own money! My review is 100% Honest and Authentic!! Thank you! <3

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