Monday, February 23, 2015

★ ★ Keutokki Review!! ★ ★

Hello Moll!

Whilst on the search of expanding my closet, I came across a store on Storenvy called Keutokki!! It's so super cute!! I didn't order any clothes this time, just a headband and a hat. So here are my reviews on those :)

Stock Photos:


Hat: 2/17/15
Headband: 2/23/15

Hat: $7.00
Headband: $5.00

I'm not sure if the headband's shipping was delayed by our crazy weather or not, (I believe we didn't recieve any mail for three or so days!) So I can't really say anything about it's shipping.

For the hat however, seeing as it is from china, it was only to be expected to not be too fast, but it also wasn't too slow. Now onto the products themselves!!


I think that the ears do not sit up as they do in the photos, but with enough moving of the hat you can get it to look pretty cute!! Not as pictured though, also I think it's a bit less baggy/less material. I've never had a problem with a wig, so I doubt that my head is just 'too big'.

In my photos I will be wearing a wig. This wig is SO SUPER THIN (and will be featured in my wig haul post as soon as the rest show up!! expect it somewhere mid-march!)


(this photo is how it arrived, with six of the pearls missing on it. Please excuse my forehead!)

When I received this item, six of it's 18 pearls/beads had fallen off! However, they were still in the bag so I simply reglued them with super glue! I am most def happy with this headband! I love it so much! It's even cuter than I thought it would be!! It's a bit tight/if I wear it for too long I will get a headache but I also wear glasses, so I won't blame it fully on the headband. I'm just really in love with this headband you guys.

(Surprise Visit from my new American Beauty / American Psycho Valentines Day shirt my bae got me!)

shipping: 4/5 (was as expected)
quality: 3.5/5 (I'm sad to rate it that, but considering all things, it had to be!)

I feel that, in the future, I will most likely order accessories from them again. They are inexpensive and have free shipping, and overall, were not too bad upon arrival to derail me from ever considering ordering from them again, especially considering the price!!!! I really do love this shop! It's super cute! Make sure to check it out!!

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it!! And don't forget to stay peculiar!!!

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