Sunday, February 8, 2015

A different kind of post!? (Introduction: Milk Club!)

Hello Moll!!

Today, I want to share with you not only my new layout and theme, but a cute cute shop!!
You may have noticed their banner at the top of the blog, they are called

(here you can see my wishlist items!)

And they are a very cute and very well priced shop for asian fashion pieces and accessories!!

As the lovely owner puts it,

"MILK CLUB is a small online shop that sells unique treasures and trendy asian street wear apparel. Unique vintage finds can be found in this store and brand new items falling from different styles: sweet to dark. MILK CLUB is a collection of dolly, kawaii, aesthetic, anime, harajuku fashion and more!"

This shop has so many wonderful items that my wishlist got full within the first page!! I will most likely be making more later, haha!!

Thank You for reading!! I hope you go and see this wonderful store!!! <3 :)

Don't Forget To Stay Peculiar!!

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