Sunday, March 1, 2015

☼ ☼ Bright Orange Lips & Grungey Eyes!! ☼ ☼

Hello Moll!!!

As I wait in agonizing pain for a card big enough for my camera to record with, I bring you a blog tutorial!! :) 

**my camera is MIA! For this tutorial I will be using my photobooth photos, I apologise!!**

As an introduction, I give you a short story:

I ordered from limecrime (as you can see a few posts ago) and got four lipsticks! So far, I've really only worn chinchilla out of the house more than twice, and My Beautiful Rocket hasn't been yet!! So I felt inclined to use it today, and why not do a tutorial with it?

But Rian, grunge eyes???
Yes!! Grunge eyes!! Why?? Because, the other day I was watching tutorials on grunge eyes and I came out looking like The Winter Solider every time. I eventually figured out how to do it nicely for me. So, without furthur adoo, here we go!!!


First thing's first! (I'm the realist?)
You want to pin all your hair back out of your face!

Second thing's second!! (is she gonna do this the entire post??)
You gotta get out yo concealers and plant that down on your problem areas!
Dark & Red areas, that is.

For my concealer, as of late, I've done a lot of mixing two concealers.

Mary Kay's (in Ivory 2) and ELF's (in light) to be exact.

How I like to apply is to take the Mary Kay concealer on my *clean* ring finger and gently poke it on in the shape of an upsidedown triangle and then load up my liquid foundation brush with the eld concealer and blend it all out under my eye and on my eyelid.

Once that's done we can move onto foundation!!
Because we're going for a bit of a grungey look, I'll be using a foundation a bit lighter than my actual skin. I'm reaching for my Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation in Ivory 2 from Mary Kay.
After that you can either set it with a mineral foundation or with translucent powder, I'll be using the latter today (applied with a powder brush).

Sometimes I wish my lashes were super light like that. Maybe someone knows where I can get a white mascara??? Haha :)

Grunge makeup doesn't call for blush, so I won't be using any. If you want to tho, then go ahead! It is your face after all.

Next up on my list is eyes. I'm going to start with a nice eye primer and a lash primer.

This is where we'll take a slight step away from normal grunge tutorials. I'm not going to use any black eyeshadow!!

You'll be needing a skin tone shade, pinkish, as well light normal & dark browns.
I'll be using the shades inside of my customizable Mary Kay Compact.

You'll start with taking the skin tone shade and running it over your lid.
After that, take your pinkish shade and tap it over the corner area of your eye, on in under & over.

Next what you'll do is start to define your outer 'v' with the lightest brown you have. Make sure you blend with tapping and not with stroking!! Also, when blending either use a blending brush or make sure your eyeshadow brush is completely free of product!!

Next is to take the medium brown shade and *lightly* brush it over your lid, from the middle to the v and blend it nicely!

Now we will take the darkest brown we have on a crease brush and blend it into our crease!

Next, with a small angled brush, take your dark brown and bring it under your eye, right up to half way.

Now, I'm going to take out my BH 120 Palette and grab an orangey red colour out with the small angled brush and run it the rest of the way under my eye. On camera this looks very pink, but I promise you that it is a coral colour!!

I decided to go back to that pinky colour and run it over the corner one more time, but this time only on the inside and top!

Now it is time for eyeliner! I've chosen to go with a gel liner for this work.

I'm going to apply this as I normally do, thin and with a small wing! You can do yours however you like, simple and messy is the goal though!!

After this part, I'll be taking a pencil liner and tightlining as well as running over the waterline!!

I'm going to put some more lash primer on and do my brows while I wait for it to dry. There's no specify way to do grunge brows (that i've found) so go ahead and fill them as normal.

Now all you have to do is pick up your fave brown or black mascara (mine is Mary Kay's Ultimate Lash Love!!) and load it up on your lashes, do your hair, and, OF COURSE, do your awesome orange lip!!

I hope you liked the tutorial!! Be sure to share your finished looks with me!!
Remember, if you're in America and don't have a consultant already, you can hmu for all your Mary Kay goods!! uwu <3 <3
Don't forget to stay peculiar!!

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