Saturday, November 29, 2014

About Me :)

1.Do you have a middle name?
Yes I do!! It's Ann. :)

2. What was youur favourite subject in school?
Science and Art!

3. What's your favourite drink?

Mountain Dew or Chai Tea Frappe with Pumpkin Spice

4. Favourite song at the moment?

Blank Space - Taylor Swift

5. What would you name your children?

Audrey and/or Rory!!

6. Do you participate in any sports?

Not now, but I used to do swim team (5 years), colour guard (3 years), teeball (???), gymnastics, jazz & tap & ballet, and cheerleading which I did for one month and then quit because it was too hot outside.

7. Favourite Book?

A tie between Hunger Games and Looking For Alaska

8. Favourite Colour?

It changes depending on my mood, but normally it is either Lime Green, Yellow, or Electric Blue

9. Favourite Animal?

Snakes!! I also fancy cats. And at the moment I'm begging to own some guinea pigs and a hedgehog.

10. Favourite perfume?

I don't wear perfumes very often, but there was this one named Vampire I quite liked.

11. Favourite holiday?


12. Have you graduated High School?


13. Have you been out of the Country?

No :(

14. Do you speak any other Languages?

Elementary French

15. Do you have any siblings?

1 brother and 1 half brother

16. What's your favourite store?

Can't say I really have one,,,

17. Favourite Restaurant?

I quite enjoy BD's Mongolian!

18. Do you like school?

High School? Not so much. College?? L O V I N G it!!

19. Favourite YouTubers?

Oh gosh! Well, Zoella (who inspired my youtube reboot and blog), Alfie, Dan, Phil, Tyler, PJ<3<3, Chris, Troye, Emma, and Markiplier!!

20. Favourite Movie?

I quite like disney movies and marvel (and spider-man) movies, Perks of Being A Wallflower is also a great one and so was TFiOS. I can't pick just one :,)

21. Favourite TV show?

I quite like Selfie but that got pulled by ABC :( Some other shows I like quite a lot are American Horror Story, Gravity Falls, and numerous other cartoons and animes

22. Pc or Mac?

I have a mac for college which I absolutely adore! However, a lot of video games are not mac compatible. So preferably, I'd have one of each. The mac for art and the pc for games.

23. What phone do you have?

I've got a samsung galaxy siii mini! it's the first real real phone i've had (and my 9th overall or something like that) and I must say it's the best!

24. How tall are you?

5'10" :)

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